Yogi Comments

Review: Jim Janolek (2014 Yoga Teacher Training Program)

Yoga Etc.’s Yoga Teacher Training program was life changing for me!

It was truly an authentic yoga learning experience. I didn’t want to enroll in a modern day athletic workout course and fortunately I found the right studio and some of the very best instructors around. The program challenged me yet at the same time offered me a wealth of information and illumination of yoga that I am applying the lessons learned now and for the rest of my life.

The owner of the studio Cindy Mastry has been teaching Yoga for many years. She has in depth knowledge of the History of Yoga and applies it into her everyday teachings as well into her teaching training program. Her focus for every student is to apply the principles of yoga into all of the postures as well as with their life. Cindy is not a typical yoga studio owner, her desire is to share the experience of yoga in its purest form and not to succumb to the motivation of profits just to fill the classes. This is very hard to find most everywhere in the United States today.

Ruben Vasquez is extremely knowledgeable and practices what he preaches. He has studied his practice in yoga around the globe. In my eyes he is the epitome of a modern day Yogi. He is not afraid to spend extra time with anyone desiring a deeper understanding of meditation, the Yoga Sutras and so much more.

Shila Tirabassi is a fantastic yoga teacher whose former career as a professional dancer has her moving gracefully into every pose. She also brings to the Teacher Training students her expertise in Neuromuscular Therapy assuring that the students have an understanding of the mechanics of the body and are able to apply that to their future teaching to assure no student get injured or injures themselves.

I came to yoga for stress relief thinking that a good workout would fix the problem but found that authentic yoga is so much more. Practice and honing skills to quiet the mind and the body is so much more beneficial to the body than any workout session could ever do. Attending teacher training at Yoga Etc. deepened my understanding of yoga, my practice and my life and now I am able to share that knowledge with others which is giving back and at the same time very rewarding.

I have yoga instructor friends that tell me their training was geared towards teaching a certain type of yoga and that’s all they know. They realize after we share our experiences that they really missed out on a real learning experience. I let everyone I know that might be considering attending a teacher training course to visit Yoga Etc and to speak with Cindy. They will never regret their decision.

Review- Jamie Gross (2014 Yoga Teacher Training Program)

The Yoga Teacher Training Program at Yoga Etc. is top-notch.

Cindy Mastry and Ruben Vasquez (plus the terrific guest instructors) each provide a personal touch, which comes from their true passion and belief in the power of yoga. Cindy and Ruben are clearly highly, highly qualified instructors, and with their different approaches to yoga, they make a very complimentary team. Additional guest instructors who are uniquely qualified are brought in for particular specialties (e.g. anatomy, vegan approaches), which add variety and depth to the program.

As a result of this program, my understanding of Yoga changed from a practice of postures, to a comprehensive for tool for living my entire life.

I recommend YTT at Yoga Etc. for anyone who enjoys practicing yoga and is interested in personal development and growth. The Yoga Etc. program enables an amazing internal journey, allowing you to have a better understanding of who you are. It has developed, supported, andempowered me, and I would do it all over again.

Review- Michael Salerno(2014 Yoga Teacher Training Program)

The program was a great experience for me which I still continue to learn from.

All instructors who participated were very knowledgeable and a joy to learn from. The program really opened my mind to the many aspects of yoga. To anyone interested I would highly recommend this program. Grateful for my Yoga family and, for this great journey together.:-)