Rubén Vásquez

Rubén started exploring yoga and formal meditation in Colombia where he grew up. In 1996, he started practicing daily soon discovering that most yoga techniques uncovered weaknesses and tightness in his body, mind and heart. However, every session created greater clarity and balance motivating him to continue practicing.

In 2005, after 9 years of daily practice, Rubén enrolled in yoga teacher training and also started teaching in the Tampa Bay area. Since that time, he has devoted most of his energy to studying, practicing and teaching yoga. Rubén (E-RYT500) is a creative and eclectic teacher that combines what he has learned from his teachers and what he learns continuously from his students with his own daily exploration of yoga techniques and traditional yoga philosophy. Constantly finding ways to improve his practice and teaching in 2009 he created a bilingual DVD, Yoga Here + Now for Beginners. Rubén has taught yoga fundamentals, slow mindful flow, restorative and therapeutic yoga, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra in group and individual classes, workshops, teacher trainings as well as retreats, both locally and abroad.

For Rubén teaching yoga, besides being a dream come true, is an honor and a responsibility. Following the example of teachers he admires, in every class Rubén encourages students to meet themselves where they are, to smile gently and to discover their own way of practicing yoga in order to live a more vibrant, meaningful and joyful life.