Tachi Crisanti

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Tachi CrisantiFor 40 years, Tachi’s career kept her confined to a desk and computer, which resulted in many physical issues; bad posture; scoliosis; a frozen shoulder; and fibromyalgia. Her doctor prescribed her 2 choices: 1) a medication “happy pill” with horrid side effects and 2) Yoga. She chose yoga. It took her only a few classes to recognize the mental, physical and spiritual benefits. She became aware of the emotional pain that she had been carrying since childhood. Learning to release that pain was a great feeling and after a few years of practicing she discovered how amazing it was to live completely free of pain. Today she has learned to be grateful for her past experiences, including the pain, frozen shoulder, scoliosis and fibromyalgia-they all lead her to discover her passion: Yoga.

Wanting to share her discovery, she decided to take her200 hour yoga teacher training at Lotus Gardens with Lara Ward in Connecticut. This program introduced her to different styles: Hatha Yoga, Kundalini yoga, Anusara and Kripalu yoga. After moving to Florida in 2015, she was led to Yoga Etc Studio and where she took the 300 hour Yoga Integrity Teacher Training program with Cindy Mastry and Ruben Vasquez, which concentrated not only on the postures, but equally with pranayama, meditation and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. After graduating, Tachi now feels she is actually living Yoga, not just practicing.

Tachi believes in the “healing power of the breath” and focuses her classes on the breath-body-heart connection. She loves teaching beginners since she believes that with a beginner mind, there is always room to learn something new. A safe practice is her priority. She believes the true value of practicing yoga is when we can apply it to our daily lives; to be present in our lives and to connect body-mind and heart on everything we do ON and OFF the mat.