Jennifer Rose Soyke

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“Yoga for me is a system within which we all can explore and experience “who Am I?”.
Jennifer Rose started experimenting with yoga in the early 90’s. Her first teacher was Lilias who can still been seen today on WUSF Channel 16. At some point she drifted away from the practice and found herself confronting severe anxiety, which resulted in panic attacks and agoraphobia. Along with other traditional styles of therapy she re-kindled her yoga practice and considers it to be a key element of her recovery, helping her to overcome the closed life that anxiety can cause and restoring balance and openness.

“Yoga is the biggest tool in my Life Skills Tool Box. Helping me to quiet the internal critical voice and calming me during tense moments.”

Her style of teaching reflects an easy flow with a touch of attention to alignment. She is very interested in exploring classical yoga poses while providing a safe class for beginners and seasoned practitioners. All ages, from children to seniors, have enjoyed her lighthearted flows and her personal approach to the physical practice of yoga, called asana.

She is committed to the idea that the result of an asana session can be gently energizing and deeply personal, and that by using the breath as a guide throughout the practice the mind can quiet.
“My experience is that as the breath flows freely and with ease, along with the release of tension in the body, the mind can relax. As the mind settles, the result may be that a practitioner can step off their mat feeling refreshed and as if they have pushed the reset button on their life.”