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It may not seem like it in this 90+ degree heat, but summer is winding down. We can say goodbye to summer vacations, weekday beach trips and hello to school crossings and school buses. It’s time to get back to routine once again. So if you’ve found you let your yoga practice slide over the summer, come home to your yoga mat.

One of the main tenants of yoga is the principle of Abhyasa, which means, “practice.” According to the Yoga Sutras, yoga is all about finding peace of mind-stopping all the crazy thoughts and ideas that constantly run around in our heads making us stressed out maniacs. Verses 1.12-1.14 tell us that in order to do that we need to practice. We need a sustained, vigilant, persistent practice to attain and maintain a state of stable tranquility. If we can practice consistently and continuously with genuine effort, we become grounded in the practice and we begin to transform our lives.

I guess it depends on what exactly you are looking for. Is it all about exercise, sweat, boot camps and looking good in a swimsuit, or is it about learning about your body so that stress doesn’t wreak havoc on your health and preconceived ideas don’t ruin your life? Maybe it’s about all of the above. But if you truly want to transform your life, you must practice and make it a part of your life.

It’s easy to get distracted and find excuses not to practice. But according to the sages, it is only by practicing without interruption that we gain access to the fruits of yoga. Abhyasa is the key to finding bliss, the feeling of connectedness-that elusive “happy” that we all are searching for. Your practice may slip from time to time, but if your commitment is sincere, you keep returning home- home to your practice, no matter where you are-and let, as they say “Shift Happen.”